monday… at the fair!!

We’re still alive… Just really busy! This week is the Altamont Fair, which means sheep, wool, more sheep and a few goats too. Brown Betty is exhibiting 5 of our finest guys and gals along with a pile of knitted goods and two spectacular fleeces. I’ll do my best to keep you updated with how … Continue reading

stay tuned…

Brown Betty’s kitchen is humming this weekend! Farmers market goodies, bounty from our garden & neighbors’ gardens… Peach picking tomorrow… Preservation: jamming, Pickling, fermenting, dehydration in full swing… AND sourdough take two! Last week got the best of me but this week I have lots of successes to share!

monday in the barn

This morning was sunny and cool. Up on the tractor, the breeze felt almost as if I was riding in a boat on a crisp Adirondack lake morning, if you replace the water with waves of green grass. I had to do a bit of watering this morning, so I thought I would share our … Continue reading

summertime sunday supper

This weekend was particularly long and tough, most of it spent away from home. Arriving home this afternoon was a relief. Our cozy home offered the quiet and comfort we needed. Quiet is a relative term, though – we had a few extra kids in tow and I’d be lying if I said it was … Continue reading

baa baa, brown sheep…

Have you any wool? Yes ma’am, yes ma’am – three bags full! Last week after my not-so-exciting discovery that my Oregon girls had breaks in their wool related to travel stress, I called a local shearer to come and give them a trim and get us back on track. The sooner I got the broken wool … Continue reading

tropi-local breakfast

Thank you, grocery store for this delicious and indulgent breakfast. Melon, via New Jersey (kind of local, anyway) and pineapple, via Mexico (tropical). We usually try to keep our produce consumption as local as possible and have been inundated as of late with LOTS of berries from here and here. We buy bananas at the grocery store … Continue reading

english muffin bread

If you know me well, you already know that there is nothing I enjoy more than a hot cup of tea, English style with a bit of sugar and milk, and a steamy slice of toast with butter and Marmite. It’s a –less than healthy– comforting meal that dates back to my childhood (which is … Continue reading

monday in the barn

Today I headed to the farm early enough to want long sleeves. The sun was just rising and it was a crisp and beautiful 61 degrees, which was glorious compared to the heat we’ve weathered the past week. The sun was just rising over the big sheep on the far pasture: Leopolde struck a regal … Continue reading

monday in the barn (one day late!)

Good morning, Camille! She was looking a bit puzzled Monday morning, likely wondering why she spent the night in the barn. She too got a pedicure this week as well as preventative treatment for her feet. You see, its been VERY wet here and merino sheep are particularly susceptible to foot/hoof issues so we are keeping a … Continue reading

monday in the barn

Chloe is spending a few days in the barn to have her feet taken care of. Kind of like a spa visit, although I don’t think she sees it like that. From my perspective, she is anxiously awaiting her return to green pasture and the rest of her girlfriends outside!