a bit foggy

[foggy Monday morning on the farm] I find it hard to believe that two weeks have gone by since I last posted. Apparently I’ve had many blog visitors so if you’ve checked in hoping for fresh news or a good recipe, I apologize. The past two weeks have been quite full and to be honest, … Continue reading

banana rum cake

I had no intention of sharing this recipe and as such, I did not document the process (plus I was making it in a huge hurry minutes before dinner guests were to arrive). It doesn’t look like much but this cake turned out to be super delicious, so I just couldn’t resist sharing it. Here … Continue reading

brownies, because it is friday

I have made these brownies no less than three times in the last month. Considering the fact that I have made several other types of baked goods in that time as well, that is a LOT of brownies. These brownies are a slight adaptation from a Cooks Illustrated recipe that I got when I was a subscriber … Continue reading


Today was cool, cloudy and rainy here. It feels as though fall is on it’s way, and we are well into September (!) so for supper tonight I made some quick homemade applesauce. It made the house smell lovely and cinnamon-y. This applesauce is super easy to make and stands alone as a delicious snack, … Continue reading

monday at the beach (?!)

This morning, I woke up in Florida. Truth be told, I barely slept last night! It was the last night of a weekend vacation that will forever be described as epic and I will leave it at that. In honor of one of my very best friend’s 30th birthday a group of family and friends … Continue reading

a friday smile

  As my tomato sauce bubbles away (the canning extravaganza has commenced here!) I’ve been looking through photos from the fair last week and just had to share this one. These kids tolerated days of being dropped off (huge thank you to my mom!!), carted around, fed lots and lots of cotton candy, ice cream … Continue reading

beady eyed squatters not welcome here

Yesterday at home, we had a quiet day. For the first time in weeks I enjoyed a much needed nap with my kids, playtime in the yard, about 28 books shared on the couch in our jammies and some homemade brownies. Oh, and I had a bit of an incident in the chicken coop… as … Continue reading

monday at the barn

Today was a good day. We made it home from fair late last night in the midst of a rainstorm of Biblical proportions according to Mr. Tom Foster. I agree, wholeheartedly. The sheep were moved into the barn (for now), we unloaded most of our gear and trudged back out into the rain to get home … Continue reading

fabulous fair

I’ve been practically living at the fairgrounds this week and although it’s only Wednesday, today was the culmination of fair week for me. The open sheep show took place all day and we participated by exhibiting part of our flock. It was a family affair (for the first time which was awesome) and both my … Continue reading