lamb love

All our 2012 lambs have arrived! Ciaran was kind enough to lamb around 10am this morning which was wonderful timing because I happened to already be in the barn and Andrew (4) got to witness birth for the first time. “Mom, they just popped right out!” His description is pretty accurate, Ciaran appeared to have a relatively easy time birthing these two sweet babies:


Both black ram lambs with just a touch of white on their heads and of course, those dipped tails. Unfortunately, we won’t be keeping either of them (no need for too many rams) but a successful birth nonetheless.

Meanwhile, little Miss Spots is having a bit of trouble getting enough milk from her mama so I’ve been wrestling her a few times a day in an attempt to supplement her diet with some sheep milk replacer (like baby formula for sheep). I am optimistic that she will learn to suck a bit better so I don’t end up such a mess after each feeding!


Her brother, also yet to be named, seems to be doing just fine on mama’s milk and is looking to be quite a handsome fellow.


And I can’t forget that silly Easter – or perhaps I should call him sneaky Easter. Every chance he gets he steals a few sips of milk from any ewe is willing to stand for him. He is in a nursery of sorts with his mother, sister and about 15 other ewes and their lambs. I love watching these nursery pens. As the mother ewes mill about chewing cud, lambs can be found snoozing in piles, trying their first bites of hay (like Easter in the photo below), scampering and leaping about or in Easter’s case, traveling from ewe to ewe to fill his belly. Its kind of ironic and miraculous, actually, for Easter was the lamb that would not suck at all his first three days of life. You would’t know it now! His sister (lounging in the photo below) is growing well and is very wrinkly. This will be tough come shearing time, but wrinkles and folds mean more skin, more surface area, and more fleece. If she ends up the silvery moorit that I expect, she will have one fine fleece. Maybe, just maybe, worthy of spinning and knitting into my very own hand-spun, hand-knit sweater.



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