foam, at home

me: grande soy chai, extra hot, extra foam

S’bucks schmuck: $4.83 at the window please

me: dear drive through, you are heavenly (my head), what the %?!*&??? (my wallet)

This exchange happens about once a week, a little more lately since my awesome better half got me a whopper of a SB gift card for Valentine’s day. Gift card or not, those lattes are not cheap… but they are oh so good. My favorite part is the way soymilk foams up, so luscious and thick and silky. In an effort to take some of the burden off my wallet and waistline (I don’t know what they put in those things but they are pretty hefty in the calorie department and usually require some planning for me), I’ve started making these at home.


The toughest and most important part for me is replicating the steam-frothes soymilk. Chai tea, check (brew with any chai teabag as usual). Sweetness and spice, check (a teaspoon of honey and pinch of cinnamon). Soymilk, check (this is my favorite, used daily).

After a bit of experimentation and lots of messes, the most acceptable result I had came from mixing warmed soymilk, honey and cinnamon and whipping in a mini/smoothie blender (makes a HUGE mess), then adding to the brewed tea.

Although I would love one of these, I’m not sure I could justify the expense of a (another) single-use kitchen appliance. Until then, I’ll stick to my drive through and messy kitchen woes.


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