more lambs, and some spots too

I’m in the barn all hours of the day and night lately, and for the most part in the dark! Inside the barn things are bright and bustling and each day brings new lambs. Many lambs as a matter of fact – I think Carole’s count is well over 30 at this point!


On Wednesday morning I woke (early!) to find these beauties in the barn. Camille, my two year old moorit merino that came to Brown Betty Farm from Oregon this summer, lambed twins for her first time and like Chloe she did it all on her own! Like Chloe, she also had a ewe lamb and a ram lamb. I was fully expecting solid moorit lambs from Camille x Harvey but nature and genetics threw me for another loop and we have spots! The ewe lamb is decidedly spotted, moorit and white. Her tongue is even spotted! The ram lamb is almost all moorit, except a spot on his head, two small spots along his spine, and his back legs. I wasn’t sure what to make of this at first. Neither Camille or Harvey’s pedigree includes spots, but I am guessing spots must somehow be linked with those recessive moorit genes. I am happy, though, first because Camille lambed all on her own without any trouble for the first time, second because her lambs are long, leggy and very healthy, and third because that ewe lamb is certain to grow a fine fleece like her mama and it sure will be a unique one. I can only imagine how a spotted fleece like that will spin up (into yarn)!


These little ones, along with Chloe’s ewe lamb, are still waiting for names. Once I get caught up on sleep and chores at home and in the barn I’ll put some thought into it. Any suggestions for “E” names??

In the meantime, we are still patiently waiting for Ciaran to lamb. I was expecting black lambs from her since I don’t believe she is a moorit carrier, but after what we’ve seen so far this year nothing would surprise me! I was a bit surprised she is the last to go. When I had ultrasounds done in the fall our vet thought that Ciaran would go first and twin, Chloe would go last and single, and Camille was a wildcard, but definitely bred. I guess that goes to show that as sophisticated as technology is (I actually saw tiny hooves on the u/s screen!), it is not infallible.

Stay tuned for news on Ciaran for you never know what a dark rainy night in the barn will bring come morning!


5 thoughts on “more lambs, and some spots too

  1. Girls: eliana, eleanor
    Boys: eoin,enzo, emillio

    I sort of want to spend my entire day today looking up names that mean spotted or dappled or freckled now!

  2. Hey Liz,
    Sorry I missed you call. I hope you got the info on the trailer.

    My favorite lamb is the first ewe with all the wrinkles…that speaks fleece, fleece, fleece to me.

    I agree with Echo for the spotted ewe as the dots seem to echo, echo over each side. They all look strong and healthy. It’s amazing that Chloe took the ram back after 3 days in your kitchen.

    And, I heard about you going to fix you coffee at Stewart’s with your “birthing hands.” Way to go farmer!

    I like Evan for the spotted ram from the clothing desiner Evan Piccone. He used a lot of wool.


  3. Love love love all the ideas!
    Eleanor and Emmett are my daughter and nephew so those are off the table but I have a lot of ideas now… hoping to make some choices today or tomorrow.

    LOVE Echo… I think that’s the one for the spotted ewe!

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