lovely day


This week has brought just a bit of snow so far, which is nice considering it is February in upstate NY. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I don’t really miss dealing with the snow, but I do miss playing in it.

Chloe and her babies are doing exceptionally well. I am thrilled that as a first time mama she is nursing both lambs, despite a three-day vacation from the ram lamb (Easter) at the start. He is still a bit smaller than the ewe lamb (name TBD), but growing each day and looking healthy.


This is a bit of evidence of Chloe’s tandem-nursing skills. The best part, which you can’t see in a static image, is how those little milk-dipped tails wag wildly to and fro while they nurse. Unfortunately, those funny little wisps of tails will be docked this week. This needs to be done, though, because it reduces future risk of fly strike and other diseases. Also, docked tails are the accepted standard for the show ring which is important for BBF.


Out on the range (our backyard) the chickens happily scratch through the snow for corn. We haven’t seen evidence of the coyotes in a few weeks so the girls and their faithful protector are allowed to range during the day. Of course at night they are locked snugly into their coop because you never know what is sneaky enough to come out of those woods under the cover of darkness.


I’ve started calling this hen The Queen or Queenie or Big Mama. None of these names has or will stick because as a rule I don’t officially name my chickens BUT those fluffy legs and enormous feathery behind deserve some recognition. She is also quite broody and is rarely out of the coop or scratching around with the others because she is so focused on her “nest”. I’m considering letting her set on a nest in the spring, if I can convince the others to lay in another spot in the meantime.

Hope you have a love-filled day!


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