new beginnings

This morning I witnessed the birth of this season’s first lambs at Foster Farm. It was exhilarating, and this ewe couldn’t have had better timing.


On Friday, I learned that my contract work will come to an end this February, at least with my current client. In the wake of this news, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed, worried and embarrassed that perhaps this was a result of something I did/didn’t do (it wasn’t made clear, although I was told I shouldn’t question the quality of my work). Immediately I began brainstorming ideas to replace this project – the one that kept me up into the wee hours many nights, caused me to shamefully utilize television as a babysitter for hours/days in a row, almost ruined multiple trips to see my brother, sister and best friend, etc etc. The more I thought about it – and was reminded by my husband and mother – this could be a blessing in disguise.

I decided to see the change in schedule as a new beginning – J and I planned a few household and routine changes which are in line with some of my other goals for this year. This morning I was rested enough to be up and out at 6, first to the Y to workout before heading to the barn. I fed the sheep and rabbits, witnessed an awesome birth and was home in time for breakfast and a morning of playtime. Before noon, this was one of my best days in a while.


During naptime, I spent several uninterrupted hours planning and plotting my garden. Although I secretly desperately hope we will be moving to a particular new-to-us homestead this year, there is no certainty that that will happen and until it is for sure, I’m planning to see the growing season through to the end where we are now. I’ve got several spreadsheets and drawings in the works and may even till up just one more space when the ground thaws.

My house is relatively clean, dinner is prepared, and I still feel rested and energetic. Maybe being (somewhat) unemployed isn’t so bad after all. My biggest hope is that I will spend more meaningful time with my kids and take better care of myself.

And, hopefully I’ll have more time to spend sharing what we are up to in this space!


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