it’s still raining…

Lately, when I look out the window, I wonder if I’ve been magically been transported to the pacific northwest. Nope. I haven’t. But, since August we’ve been slammed with a LOT of rain.

Back in August, our area was hit hard with this thing called a “hurricane”. What?! In ustate NY? WE got a hurricane? Yep. It was pretty unbelievable. One of the very fortunate few, we did not lose power, get flooded or sustain any property damage.

Many of our regional neighbors were not so lucky. 

I happen to be part of this awesome community, From Scratch Club. Since we are do-ers by nature, when the devastation of Irene came our way, Christina led us to action in support of those close to us that were affected.

For our part, we here at From Scratch Club are going to focus our efforts directly to lending support to people and businesses that we are personally connected.”


One of FSC’s founding contributors Amanda, lost her home to fire during Irene. In some horrible twist of fate, during the first hours of the storm a fire began in their hot water heater and swept through their house, so fast, that Amanda, her three daughters, her hubs and the new family puppy were lucky to get out with the clothes (no shoes) on their backs. Their precious cat did not make it. Due to smoke and water damage, they lost everything “down to the studs”.


Two of the biggest certified naturally grown farms, with CSA Programs, in the area; Denison Farm and Kilpatrick Family Farm, were devastated by Irene. These two farms are feed most of our families and countless others on a daily basis. Since the beginning of FSC, we’ve gone from casual, quiet repeat customers to proudly saying that Justine Denison & Michael Kilpatrick are our friends. It’s hard to say how much they lost in monetary dollars, especially because each day seems to bring them more, clearer information on what exactly is lost, but it looks like they have both lost around 4 acres of crops. For the Denison’s its current summer/early fall crops and for KFF it will be fall and winter storage crops. These two farms took BIG hits.

Hmmm… you may be thinking…. lots of folks were affected by the storm and are affected by the crazy weather all over the world, every day. Why should I give to these people (other than the fact that we love them, of course!)? Well, there is something in it for you too!

The way these fundraisers will work is simple: donate money and get entered to win one of the gift baskets.

Let me tell you, these “baskets” are a little off the hook, and quite plentiful. There are 9 baskets, to date, and we seem to keep getting more. Some include organic meat, local produce, homemade food item samplers from the FSC crew, books, kitchen goodies, books and the list goes on. Check them out here and here.

And, if you are so inclined, there are other ways to help our area here.



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