monday at the beach (?!)

This morning, I woke up in Florida. Truth be told, I barely slept last night! It was the last night of a weekend vacation that will forever be described as epic and I will leave it at that. In honor of one of my very best friend’s 30th birthday a group of family and friends spent four glorious days relaxing on the beach, fishing on the dock, enjoying good food and drink and simply enjoying the company of one another. It was one of the most relaxing and refreshing vacations I have ever had, and came at a time when I could not have needed just an escape more. Stay tuned at FSC for a recap of my fishing experience… can’t get more local than catching dinner just off the dock in your own backyard!

I happily returned home today — despite the vacation bliss I don’t think I could have made it much longer without hugging my children.

And of course, I needed to get over to the farm and make sure my wooly family was doing OK as well!

Harvey and the girls look as good as can be. He seems to have calmed down a bit compared to last Monday when he was introduced to his new pasture mates!

A group of Carole’s flock (the Wensleydale/BFL breeding group) were grazing happily on the hilly pasture I fenced last week.

The stormy sky just before dusk is a bit different than sunrise over the farm, but just as strikingly beautiful.

And who could forget these four little fluffballs?? They are just over a week old now and are doing great!! I am so glad their mama Hillary is doing her part and taking good care of them. I’m excited for their eyes to open later this week!

It’s good to be home and I’m looking forward to the week ahead. Hope your holiday weekend was as great as mine!


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