monday AND tuesday at the farm… worth the wait!

Monday morning brought sunshine after the storm and we were lucky enough to be unaffected, at home and at the farm.

last week one of these silly sheep (Blue Faced Leicester) jumped the fence and we had to corral her back in... I say this breed is a little wild for me!

The past two days have been pretty busy and exciting at the farm. Baby bunnies were born, fence was installed, breeding groups were split up and the rams are off to work!

the ladies on Monday morning, before their honeymoon began Monday night

Today (Tuesday) I worked to install fence in a pasture across the road that hasn’t been grazed yet this year. Hay had been cut from this field this season, but the grass is looking very lush and plentiful. Once we split the breeding groups and moved several sheep over here, they were definitely content and appeared to be intent on filling their bellies!

clover on the hill

I was pretty excited to bring Harvey, Camille and Ciaran to their own private pasture. Harvey seemed quite interested in the ladies and I am confident he will have a successful breeding season. Chloe will be joining them in the morning and I am hopeful that she and the others lamb well in the spring.

The most exciting part of the last two days, though, are the baby bunnies! Hillary, Carole’s english angora rabbit (kept for her beautiful, soft white fiber) has been bred a few times but has struggled to birth and care for healthy babies. This time, though, she seems to be doing great and her babies look great as well. Carole warned me in posting any photos or video, since these babies are young and could still not make it. But, I think that possibility is part of the reality of farming and keeping animals and I am OK with that. Here are her babies, all four fat wiggly pink rabbits. They are actually kind of funny looking; their fiber won’t come in for a while and their eyes will not open for a week or so, but when you get close (not too close or Hillary will get nervous!) their ears are decidedly bunny and they are pretty cute! I am excited to watch them grow and am tempted to build an annex to our chicken coop so that we can keep bunnies here… we will see! Here they are in all of their squirming glory:


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