a friday smile


he likes to fake us out with 'thumbs down' which generally means he's feeling exactly the opposite of what that implies!

As my tomato sauce bubbles away (the canning extravaganza has commenced here!) I’ve been looking through photos from the fair last week and just had to share this one. These kids tolerated days of being dropped off (huge thank you to my mom!!), carted around, fed lots and lots of cotton candy, ice cream and french fries and still managed to be happy as ever on their last night at fair.

I thought that getting to inspect and “drive” a huge real firetruck would be the highlight of Andrew’s month, until we attended the rodeo at another fair the other night. Eleanor made it through the first two events before her dad took her for a walk to check out tractors, but Andrew was glued until the very end. His favorite was “when the real cowboys catch the baby calf with the two ropes” (one man calf roping & tying). I asked if he thought he would be able to do it and he replied “maybe one day when I have a really big horse”. Maybe one day…

Even though I am with them each and every day, I still see a photo like this and am struck with an indescribable love and pride because they are so full of personality and are just so cute!


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