monday at the barn

Today was a good day.

We made it home from fair late last night in the midst of a rainstorm of Biblical proportions according to Mr. Tom Foster. I agree, wholeheartedly. The sheep were moved into the barn (for now), we unloaded most of our gear and trudged back out into the rain to get home and to bed.

This morning, I woke to a crisp, cool and strikingly beautiful late summer day. Andrew joined me at the barn and we even got Leopolde the llama to eat from his hand for the first time. You may remember, Leopolde is a bit temperamental. So, I was unable to take any photos this morning. I was back this afternoon, though, and snapped the shot above from the car on the way over.

All around us, the corn has released it’s tassels in full glory, a sign of a good harvest to come and the fall creeping in. Have you ever enjoyed eggs from Stewart’s? The corn in this photo happens to belong to the farm that raises all the eggs for Stewart’s and is grown to feed their hens, just in case you were wondering.

Over at the farm, the older ewes are still happily enjoying their grass. They rotate through four pastures as the weather and their appetites dictate. Hopefully, they will make it back to the pasture closest to the barn this weekend or thereabout so that I can separate the two ewes of mine that are in this group. They will be joining Chloe and Harvey as soon as possible to start Brown Betty Farm’s inaugural breeding season. Its an exciting time (mostly for Harvey) and I can’t wait to see the outcome in late January when our lambs will (hopefully!!) arrive.


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