fabulous fair


I’ve been practically living at the fairgrounds this week and although it’s only Wednesday, today was the culmination of fair week for me. The open sheep show took place all day and we participated by exhibiting part of our flock. It was a family affair (for the first time which was awesome) and both my guys helped me show the sheep. At one point Daphne almost escaped from J and in the midst of the chaos the look on his face was priceless… half fear that we’d be chasing a frightened lamb around a large and crowded fairgrounds and half “Liz is going to kill me!” At any rate, he did the right thing and did not let go, thank goodness.

The lambs (Daphne, Daegan and Dandelion) did well and the most notable opportunity for improvement in consistency of fleece, which is something we are addressing with our new ram Harvey. Also, as these lambs grow into yearlings their fleeces will evolve, and I am looking forward to seeing how they mature. Harvey, our nine month old ram also did really well. He had no competition in his senior lamb class but took grand champion natural colored ram against all the other natural colored rams which was pretty exciting given the quality of his competition.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Chloe was really our star today. She took first in her class (natural colored yearling ewe) AND grand champion natural colored ewe… AND grand champion ewe out of all the wool ewes in the show!! I was shocked and thrilled! I have loved her fleece/body/style since I got her as a lamb but you just never know how a judge will feel- apparently she was a favorite today which is just fine with me. Chloe was also placed in the top three for best fleece in show, although she wasn’t chosen as the winner she did pretty awesome!

It’s been a good week at the fair so far. We have four days left but I’m thankful I can catch up on sleep and the rest of my life now that the show is done. Hope to be back in a few days with a report on my sauerkraut and the sourdough saga!


5 thoughts on “fabulous fair

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  2. Oh my goodness, I’m stalking you everywhere online because I love reading about this blue ribbon bonanza. I think we should get together for drinks so I can hear all about your world domination, mm k? CONGRATS!

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