monday in the barn

This morning was sunny and cool. Up on the tractor, the breeze felt almost as if I was riding in a boat on a crisp Adirondack lake morning, if you replace the water with waves of green grass.

I had to do a bit of watering this morning, so I thought I would share our method with you. No fancy automatic watering devices here, the pastures are so big and spread apart it would take a LOT of installed plumbing to get that set up. So, we use a homemade method (thanks to the genius of Mr. Tom Foster… seriously I have learned a TON from the Fosters!).

First, you need a tractor. Say hello to my morning ride:

Next, you need a fork lift attached to the back that will slide under and lift a (insert name of this large flat metal thingy) topped with a blue barrel. Said barrel is outfitted with a pipe and valve to contain and release the water.

First, I fill up the barrel. Then, the whole thing lifts up via the forklift you can’t really see in this photo. Lifting up the barrel enables me to drive off with the water. Today I drove off not once but twice, without lifting the fork. Oops.

Once I navigate my way into the pasture and position the barrel over the trough, the valve can be opened.

Ta-da. Anyone thirsty? Our sheep apparently are, just about every trough was dry today!

On my travels this morning, I also noticed some hay stored in a neighbor/family member’s barn… overflow storage which is a great sign! I helped with hay a bit last year but haven’t been involved with this task much this year. I do know, however, that if there is hay here it means the main storage location is full so there will be plenty for the sheep to keep their bellies full all winter.

I also pass by this spot every time I visit the very furthest pasture. Its some sort of old cement vessel, now used as a planter and filled with a simple combination of sweet potato vine and petunia. Love it! I will definitely be using this kind of bright, chartreuse sweet potato vine at my house next year.

Stay tuned this week… I have a ton of fresh blueberries to make use of, sourdough starter that’s been brewing for a week or so and is almost ready to use, and a great yeast-risen biscuit recipe that’s been a favorite of ours lately. AND our first summer fair in only 2 weeks away. Aagh! I need to start getting ready!


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