summertime sunday supper

This weekend was particularly long and tough, most of it spent away from home. Arriving home this afternoon was a relief. Our cozy home offered the quiet and comfort we needed. Quiet is a relative term, though – we had a few extra kids in tow and I’d be lying if I said it was truly quiet. Four children under four years old who were expected to get dressed up and behave for two days needed their own kind of relief from the weekend, which for them involved a lot of dirt, water, bug spray and popsicles. And ice cream cones after that. Yeah, not so quiet I guess. Anyway, coming home felt good and of course the first thing I did was bee-line for my kitchen. Cooking always comforts and calms me. Making a good dinner for my family was the best way I knew to take a deep breath and bring this weekend to a close.

Here’s what we had:

Potato Salad:

I started with about 5 large red potatoes from our CSA, washed, chopped to roughly 1″ cubes and boiled for about ten minutes along with 4 eggs. When the potatoes were soft I rinsed the whole pot in cold water. Probably unorthodox for cooking potatoes? I’m not sure but it worked for me. I fished out the eggs, peeled, chopped and threw them back in. I chopped up one onion (also CSA) and some celery. Added two tablespoons or so of regular mayo, salt and pepper. Toss it up and ta-da, potato salad.

Cucumbers Viniagrette:

Via Lainey’s Plate. Thanks, Leslie! I mixed them up in a bowl then transferred to a jar for serving. Using mason jars as serving vessels is a great way to free up table space if you have a small table and are serving a large group a variety of dishes. Plus they are kind of pretty!

A Trio of Pickle-y Things:

Half-Sours. Christina’s post on these is awesome. I started these pickles 6 days ago and kind of forgot about them while we were gone this weekend. I was excited when I came home and found them in the midst of chaos on my countertop! Super crisp, garlicky, and they got my dad’s stamp of approval which is a good thing not that he is too picky. He is really into all things pickled or anything classified as condiment for that matter.

Ruby Relish, made by me. Recipe from the Ball Blue Book of Canning and Preserving. I think they call it Red Beet Relish but I think “Ruby” sounds better and fits. It contains red beets, red pepper, red onion, red cabbage. Yum. I love beets.

And, pickled green beans, also scored from one of the first FSC swaps.

Baked Beans: from a can. Gotta give in once in a while.


Beef a la Foster Farm, 100% grassfed (duh, what else should cows eat?!?), grilled by ME for once (I think I did OK!) with homemade buns I scored at the last FSC ‘toga Swap. Thanks, Jess!

If you were wondering why I was tossing burgers for once (my other half usually takes over when the grill is involved) this is what was going on in my backyard at the time:

The never-ending playground story: grand finale! We bought this playground in May. It’s July 31 and my kids used (LOVED) it for the first time today. My husband is extremely capable, we just have very little free time. At any rate, I am glad we finished before the leaves fell off the trees. And yes, he also cut that tree down this afternoon. On a whim. I’d guess it’s about 60-80 feet. BOOM. Let me tell you, those suckers come down loud.


And now, after a lot of fun and yummy dinner my kids (plus one cousin) are tucked into their own beds. I leave this weekend behind me with bittersweet memories of my Nanny but with a smile on my face because really, how can this little lady not make you grin?




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