tropi-local breakfast


Thank you, grocery store for this delicious and indulgent breakfast. Melon, via New Jersey (kind of local, anyway) and pineapple, via Mexico (tropical).

We usually try to keep our produce consumption as local as possible and have been inundated as of late with LOTS of berries from here and here. We buy bananas at the grocery store regularly but pineapple, mango and papaya are treats. As much as I love these fruits and have a special fondness for them after the time I spent living in Mexico, we do try to be conscious of the impact we create by buying food that has been shipped a long way (meaning more fuel consumption).

Stay tuned later today for the story & photos of our girls that were sheared last week… AND I am going to our farmers market this afternoon to pick up our CSA. My mom is coming, which means I will have an extra hand or two so I may just bring my camera. A photo tour may be in the works for later in the week!












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