monday in the barn

Today I headed to the farm early enough to want long sleeves. The sun was just rising and it was a crisp and beautiful 61 degrees, which was glorious compared to the heat we’ve weathered the past week.

The sun was just rising over the big sheep on the far pasture:


Leopolde struck a regal pose to greet the sun:


While the ewe lambs were busy greeting me (and their breakfast!):


The calves were also pretty anxious to have breakfast:




It was an otherwise quiet day on the farm which is a good thing. Harvey has moved up a coat size which means both he and his wool are growing well. He stood like a gentleman to have his coat changed too which is great news… I had been spoiling him a bit with attention and that can become dangerous – rams can get a little attention greedy if given too much. This is frightening for the shepherd when a full grown 250+ lb ram is literally ramming you to have a good scratch or pet. Harvey was getting a bit obnoxious a few weeks ago so I cooled it with him and have been ignoring him, it seems to be working thankfully!

Three ewes were shorn last week – stay tuned this week for a recap and photos of the cooler, coiffed ladies!


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