monday in the barn (one day late!)

Good morning, Camille!

She was looking a bit puzzled Monday morning, likely wondering why she spent the night in the barn. She too got a pedicure this week as well as preventative treatment for her feet. You see, its been VERY wet here and merino sheep are particularly susceptible to foot/hoof issues so we are keeping a close eye on things to ensure everyone stays healthy. I also helped to trim feet with Carole’s flock and she has about 60 sheep! I probably only did about 15 but it was pretty tiring and was pretty much a filthy mess when we had finished.

Notice I am proudly sporting my NCWGA shirt as well as old maternity pants that I took in to use as “work” clothes. Flattering? No. Cheap and disposable if necessary? You bet.

When I got back home, I spent a few minutes with my new chickens. I (can’t!) believe these are the first photos of these little guys and girls, who aren’t that little anymore.

They were hatched in my mom’s third grade classroom in late May. I special-ordered the eggs because I was interested in having some Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chickens. BLRWs are one of the rarest color types of Wyandottes, and I just think they are pretty. Unfortunately, the hatch wasn’t too great (only five of eighteen eggs hatched) AND I think I have four roosters based on my observations of the comb & wattle situation. Hopefully, I am wrong. We will find out as soon as the boys find their voices and begin to crow.  Also, one of them is a Golden Laced Wyandotte (the darker one), which is just fine with me!

Our garden is also doing pretty well. We’ve enjoyed lots of cucumbers and it appears there are more to come. Beans and zucchini are close, and there are small peppers and tomatoes growing a bit larger each day. We’ve been inundated with oregano and mint as usual which serves more for landscaping at this point anyway.

The rest of the landscaping is not too shabby either, and I am thrilled with how my perennial garden is coming along. Two years ago this garden was woods. We cut it all down, turned soil by hand, mulched and began planting. Just about everything I had was obtained by trading, gifted to me, or rescued from gardeners thinning out their own perennial beds.

I love that my “blue” hydrangea has so many colors on one plant (likely due to our wacky soil). One of my favorites in the back garden is the “Lambs Tongue” (top center). It has a sweet, subtle fragrant and is very soft and almost bouncy. The Black-Eyed Susan’s (bottom right) aren’t quite there yet but are also a favorite because they came from my parent’s backyard.

That’s it for this Monday (Tuesday night really, sorry – we had a rough week last week and LONG weekend!). I am thinking of making Monday in the barn a ‘thing’… stay tuned for next week. I for one hope we are done with the pedicures and may treat myself to one soon!


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