today on the farm

This morning was one of my days to feed the flock, and I ended up sticking around for a bit to work on a fencing project. It was such a beautiful day and I wasn’t in a rush so I ended up strolling around (rare!) and taking a few photos.

This is Leopolde, the resident guard llama. It has taken us a long time to have a good working relationship but grain has eased the gap and I am now able to feed him from my hand and pet the side of his jaw. It doesn’t seem like much, but as a guard llama it is Leopolde’s job to guard the flock and he takes that job quite seriously and is not too friendly. He seemed as content as can be today, finally back with his sheep after a brief stint in barnyard where the calves live.

This is Daisy on the left and Dandelion on the right. Daisy came to Brown Betty Farm from the Spinning Ewe farm in Oregon. Dandelion came from Partridge Run Farm, just down the road in Galway. Daisy is a moorit merino ewe lamb, born in December of 2010. Dandelion was born in March of 2011 and is a moorit merino/romeldale cross. Both have what is referred to “blue” color patterning, which is identified by the white “teardrops” at the inner corners of their eyes. Dandelion also has variation in her fleece with a range of deep brown to taupe wool through her sides.This is Dahlia, another moorit merino December 2010 ewe lamb that made the long journey to us from Oregon. She is a bit larger than the other ewe lambs and has what looks to be an outstanding fleece. I can’t wait until December when they are shorn!

Daphne (below) and her twin brother Daegan (above) were born here this March. They are merino/romeldale crosses. Both are black but may be moorit carriers. They share a sire with Dandelion, and are her half-siblings. Pretty Daphne and her dainty legs will stay with us but I will be looking for a new home for Daegan in the fall. 

And how could we forget Harvey, our new ram who came from the Mendenhalls in California. I just love him but am trying hard to ignore him so that he doesn’t develop bad habits and turn into an attention-hungry hormonal beast. I have high hopes for his performance in the fall and am anticipating some gorgeous lambs early next year. Harvey is a moorit merino with a super fleece – incredibly soft with great definition in the crimp. He placed second in the senior ram lamb class at the 2011 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! He’s getting some love from Apocalypto, one of the Foster’s alpaca, in this photo.

My older ewe, Ciaran, and my yearlings Chloe and Camille are out to pasture with the rest of the Foster’s flock. From what I can tell when I walk out and visit them, they are quite happy to be eating grass and relaxing all day. Chloe and Camille will be spending more time with me soon as we get closer to the end of summer show season. Ciaran and Chloe are black merinos that have been with me since last year. Camille came with Daisy and Dahlia from Oregon. She has a huge, dense superfine light moorit fleece which I also can’t wait to get my hands on!


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