Last week we went camping with some friends, old and new. This trip has been a family tradition for me and my cousin Evan since we were kids and went with our parents. Now, we take our own families and carry on the tradition.

This year, things were a bit wet at the beginning and the tail end of the trip but we had a great time despite the weather.

There was one super sunny day, our beach day!

On the cooler days we stayed busy getting sandy, throwing sticks and taking bike rides.

When we camp in a big group like this, we all take turns cooking and meals are no joke. The first night we were served homemade meatballs and sausage over pasta, the second night we had pulled pork sandwiches with meat that had been smoked by hand, served with two kinds of homemade barbeque sauce and secret-recipe homemade baked beans. For breakfast, the lineup included breakfast burritos, egg sandwiches and banana pancakes. Between the meals, beer and s’mores consumed, its almost as bad as going on a cruise!

On our designated night to cook (night three), I made homemade tzatziki, grilled chicken and a huge salad in an attempt to have a ‘light’ meal and offset the gluttony of the past two nights. I marinated fresh chicken breasts in advance, and froze them in the marinade so that they’d thaw in the icy coolers until our night to cook.

For the marinade, I chopped up two garlic scapes and a handful each of oregano and parsley from our yard. I squeezed in the juice of two lemons and added red wine vinegar and olive oil.

Nothing I make is complete without a little sea salt and freshly ground pepper. True story: I took this grinder on vacation last year and left it at the rental house. The owners extracted it for me, took it to Pennsylvania then finally shipped it back to me this winter. I wasn’t the same the months I was without it and it will now never leave my kitchen!

I whisked it all up, then dumped it over chicken breasts in a ziplock. It seemed like an ungodly amount of chicken at the time but we actually ate most of it. Note to anyone willing to drive to Argyle to buy local meat: chicken breasts are cheap and huge there. Locust Grove also makes “old fashioned hotdogs” which are awesome.

When we were ready to cook, we just grilled the chicken as usual, and served it up with the big salad, tzatziki, and salt potatoes. Yum!

J decided to wrap his up, which I hear was also pretty good.







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