ashley’s farm

This week we got to spend some much needed down time at my friend Ashley’s farm in way up north in the Adirondacks. It is one of the most spectacular landscapes I have been lucky enough to enjoy this year… we rang in the new year there and Ashley and I had a gals only retreat there earlier this summer. This time it was just us and the kids (no dads) for a short visit which was surprisingly relaxing and not surprisingly tons of fun.

We spent lots of time in the pond, the (cold!) creek, and playing in the grass enjoying the views of Whiteface.
We finished our day with a super fresh (plus some leftovers) and delicious dinner… corn on the cob, homemade tabbouleh with my tomatoes, leftover beans and peppers, pasta with homemade (Ashley’s) pesto fresh local beets and salad. So good and the kids even ate pretty well, even though we encouraged them with the promise of s’mores over a campfire, which I admittedly enjoyed as well! Eun- marshmallows are not veg, neither is the chocolate. I am sorry to say it was not a difficult decision to go for it and eat them.

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